Drug Delivery & Biopharmaceuticals

The pace of innovation in biopharmaceuticals is rapid and the impact on human health has been profound.

And increasingly, medical devices play a role in the success of medicines, from companion diagnostics and digital biomarkers to combination products and drug delivery. Veranex is biopharma’s MedTech partner, supporting your critical business decisions during this exciting — and unprecedented — time for a global industry poised to deliver outcomes that create proven value for patients.

User Centric

Holistic needs of the user populations. Including all users (patients, clinicians, caregivers)

Enabling Technologies

Established R&D, Biosafety Labs (BSL 1+2), testing and digital platform suited to tackle the most complicated of challenges.

Clinical Knowledge

Clinical expertise to provide services and inform new products and tools to aid in execution.

Business Needs

We align our innovation process to your business needs.

Focus Areas

  • 505(b)2 approval pathway
  • Cell and gene therapy
  • Drug delivery/combination products
  • Precision medicine
  • Specialty and orphan drugs

Key Capabilities

  • Infusion Systems
  • Injection
  • Atomized Drug Delivery
  • Topical and Transmucosal application
  • Cellular Therapeutics
  • Efficacy Tracking and Adherence Systems
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Clinical Trial Ecosystem