Now a part of the Veranex family


Ximedica has over 25 years of experience delivering innovative solutions that at the core, are patient-centric design.


With a critical eye on managing programs and excellent skills to drive innovation, Ximedica’s reputation for delivering repeatable results and a smooth transfer to manufacturing and full-scale commercialization proceeded itself. Ximedica brought intuitive use to complex systems & environments – excelling at solving design and development challenges from robotics to fluid management systems, delivering sophisticated technologies that are safe and easy to use despite their complexity. Ximedica leveraged a human-centered design process, considering the needs of the users, the business drivers and the enabling tech required to deliver the most meaningful and comprehensive solutions.



With the extensive product development experience of Ximedica — now a part of the Veranex family — customers have access to a breadth of design, engineering and industry-leading expertise; underpinned by advanced technologies across the medtech development life cycle. This legacy organization is driven by a fundamental belief that user needs drives toward the best solutions for healthcare. This, combined with a deep engineering experience across an impressive number of sub-disciplines, gives Veranex an edge when transforming the most revolutionary ideas into reality.