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Functional Outsourcing /
Full-Service Resourcing

Veranex Delivers

Get scalable, global resources that mitigate costs without sacrificing quality. Our functional service provider (FSP) model offers flexible services tailored to the unique needs of your trial and situation. When you have one last hurdle to clear for a successful program — high quality data, in a submission-ready format — Veranex delivers.

How do we do it?

Our certified experts have years of experience dealing in many different formats, from statistical programming to data management. And our industry-leading employee retention provides a consistent team that understands your systems, processes, and expectations.

Veranex’s Successful FSP Model Is Based On:

  • Skilled resources trained on customer’s process
  • Multiple teams (based on therapeutic area expertise) tied together to a centralized governance structure delivers consistency across portfolio
  • Flexibility to provide around-the-clock coverage
  • Dedicated resources who become integrated with the customer’s teams, driving synergies and cost efficiencies
  • Continuous training programs ensure our resources are upskilled to meet the challenges of new technology and solutions
  • Metrics driven performance evaluation increases productivity, maintains quality, and reduces timelines
  • Robust capacity management models allow flexibility to ramp up and down as needed
  • Manage and maintain high retention rates by providing incentives and career progression