Ethnographic Research

Our researchers seek to understand users and their environment through thoughtful observation and in-depth clinical immersion. By combining ethnographic research methods with design and visualization tools, we shed light on unmet, often unspoken, patient and physician needs, translating them into strategic insights and opportunities.

Unmatched Access to Healthcare Facilities

We have strong relationships with hospitals and physicians around the world, allowing us to recruit and conduct our contextual research with the diverse patient populations that our partners serve, and in the varied care environments that our partners look to transform.

Empathizing Through Engagement

Our research team enters the lives of patients and caregivers to observe and document the fine details of their lives that are routinely missed in traditional research. We seek to capture their motivations, fears, and the strategies they use to manage their care in daily life, providing our partners with detailed personas of their end users.

Combining Clinical & Design Research

Our research team is comprised of design minded, empathetic listeners, as well as highly technical clinical analysts. We help our partners find needs and formulate insights that are founded on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data sets.

Key Capabilities

  • Clinician Observation
  • Patient Observation
  • Discovery Kits
  • Remote Discovery Kits
  • Ethnobiographies
  • Situated Interviews
  • Contextual Videography

Healthcare Strategy

We identify opportunities for a more personal, efficient, and effective healthcare landscape. Through human-centered design practices, we work with our partners to imagine improved care pathways, and develop detailed strategies for transforming healthcare technologies and services.

Unmet Need First

We work alongside our partners to ensure that we accurately identify every unmet need that must be solved for, often challenging our partners’ pre-conceptions of their current state. Our problem focused approach allows our partners to move confidently through design and development knowing that our solutions will have a real impact on their bottom-line, and ultimately the well-being of their use­rs and healthcare consumers.

Holistic Healthcare Outlook

Our research and design teams provide our partners with insights from every corner of the healthcare ecosystem. Connecting these dots enables us to prioritize clinical outcomes, workflow optimization, health economic impacts, regulatory considerations, and patient experience at every stage of the patient journey.

Future Focused

We immerse ourselves in the ideas and trends that are rapidly changing healthcare, helping our partners evolve their services and technologies for an increasingly distributed healthcare marketplace.

Key Capabilities

  • Opportunity Framing
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • Vision Casting
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Strategic Planning