ICER Quietly Moves to a Pure Digital Health Assessment

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Blog

In March, leaders from our health economics team, Tom Goss and Jordan Hinahara shared insights on health technology assessments in the US under the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). As part of the webinar, available here, they discussed ICER’s 2020 Value Framework, and how innovators – both pharmaceutical and MedTech – can put their best foot forward for any HTA review. The pandemic has changed the way ICER approaches some activities (in-person meetings remain on pause indefinitely and timelines have been stretched out), but ICER remains in the news with announcements and commentary on payment structure and pricing suggestions for COVID-19 treatments. They have also quietly moved forward with their first foray into a pure digital health assessment: their revised scoping document for analysis of digital apps in opioid use disorder was recently released. ICER has also recently published a draft evidence report on ulcerative colitis therapies, a final evidence report on treatments for cystic fibrosis, hired a Vice President of Patient Engagement and a new Senior Vice President for Health Economics, and added new members to its evidence appraisal councils, among a number of other activities. All this points to further growth in their activities in the future – a consideration that should be taken into account by innovators at all stages.