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Intelligent Commercial and Market Access Strategy

With a deep understanding of the global market and payer landscape, Veranex can better align the value you deliver with stakeholder needs including clinicians, payers, patients, and health systems.

What we offer

Our global panel of payer and health technology assessment leaders, combined with a rigorous understanding of the clinical and economic burden of disease, allows us to build strategic reimbursement road maps that address everything from coding to policy, pricing, and evidence development. With our unique implementation expertise, our team is with you every step of the way, delivering the tools that help you communicate and capture value.


Let us assist you in evaluating your intended market and develop health economic, reimbursement, and
overall business strategies to drive commercial viability for any service or product for Medtech. 


Innovation Strategy and Portfolio Prioritization

Growth through innovation is often a top priority, but ensuring that the process delivers competitive advantage is challenging. The demands of value-based healthcare put even more pressure on innovation as stakeholders demand increased quality while controlling costs. Meeting this challenge requires identifying real clinical and economic unmet needs and the types of evidence that will be required to support adoption and reimbursement. We focus on value assessment and creation that helps companies achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Market Assessment and Strategy

It is one thing to identify a market opportunity, but still another to execute and win in today’s value-conscious marketplace. We firmly embed our product development and market access expertise into market opportunity assessment and forecasting. We understand how payer acceptance, health economic value, and evidence investment requirements are the building blocks to build robust business cases. Our proprietary analytics regarding technology development, evidence timing and impact, and reimbursement risk enable us to deliver real-world insights that inform actionable market and growth strategies.

Pricing, Reimbursement, and Market Access

Payers and health systems are seeking value and demanding more from novel drugs, devices, and diagnostic technologies than ever before. We have a deep understanding of the global payer landscape and go beyond policy makers to understand financial risk at the hospital or health system level better align the value our clients deliver with the expectations of reimbursement and funding stakeholders. Our rigorous understanding of the clinical and economic burden of disease allows us to build strategic reimbursement road maps that address everything from coding to policy, pricing, and evidence development.

Health Economics, Outcomes Research, and Value Communication

Payers, clinicians, regulators, and investors are increasingly assessing the value of innovation in terms of results — both clinical and economic. We develop robust health economic analysis and value communication tools that deliver success in an environment where proving clinical and economic value to payers and providers is essential for success. We proactively and seamlessly work with clients to anticipate the market needs and uses of study results so they can develop and capitalize on a comprehensive and integrated research value communication approach.

M&A and Partnerships

Today’s medical technology M&A environment is extremely competitive and innovators must move quickly to identify opportunities, evaluate them, and close transactions that will drive real growth. We help innovators anticipate market evolution to create sustained value and achieve an edge over the competition. Our expertise is built on the realities of payer coverage and pricing in a value-based healthcare environment and identifies and prioritizes opportunities and delineates evidence gaps and reimbursement challenges, offering you a much clearer picture of transaction opportunities and risks.

Precision Medicine

As our understanding of the genotypic and phenotypic basis of disease grows through advanced diagnostics, big data, and connectivity, delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time depends on a complex mix of analytics and insights. From in vitro diagnostics to imaging and digital tools, activating precision medicine also means delivering the right insights to the right stakeholders at the right time. Broad and timely clinician patient access to innovative diagnostic technologies and informatics tools that guide clinical decision-making in an evolving precision medicine landscape has emerged as a prerequisite for the successful implementation of precision medicine. Our capabilities in global market access, commercial strategy, data and advanced analytics, and partnering puts us in a unique position to support medicine innovators in developing effective commercialization strategies and globally scalable solutions needed to drive routine patient access to appropriate diagnostic technologies and resulting intervention.

We Are Better Together

We advise clients on how to optimize innovation value in a complex clinical and economic environment. We help clients unlock the value of medical devices, diagnostics, and biopharmaceuticals that have the potential to transform patient care and significantly improve health outcomes.

Our multi-disciplinary, global teams bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives to initiate change through leading-edge insights and advisory. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across the firm and throughout all levels of an organization to deliver results that help our clients grow and achieve.



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