Celebrating Black History Month at Veranex

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Blog

Veranex is honored to celebrate our Black teammates today and everyday. Throughout February, we’re connecting with employees to learn more about what #BHM means to them.

Check out their thoughts below!

For me, Black History Month is a time to not only honor and recognize the contributions of Black people and the central role we’ve played in American history and pop culture, but it’s also a time to highlight the systems that we’ve had to navigate along the way and to marvel at our ingenuity and resilience despite profound challenges. – S. Holcomb

It’s a month to celebrate how far we have come as a country but how far we still have to go. Time to celebrate the unique contributions that Black men and women have made in making this country diverse and strong. – Anonymous Employee

It is a dedicated period to encourage us to each build deeper awareness, respect and understanding of BIPOC history and learn from the stories of the past of how we can be better as human beings to each other. – Anonymous Employee

It is important to remember to celebrate this month by celebrating black excellence every day of the year.  It is through efforts of all POC and allies to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of diversity and the positive impact it can have on just making one person’s journey a little bit better through compassion and understanding. Creating an accepting and diverse world happens one person at a time.  Lifting up the black community is an important part of creating a better world for us all to be proud to live in. – Katie Callahan

Learning about historical events and figures of the black community and the importance / impact to culture and people’s life today. – Anonymous Employee

Growing up Black History Month at my school was little more than a conversation or two about The Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and, early in my career, there was no acknowledgement at my company.  It’s heartening to now witness the numerous vantage points from which BLM is now celebrated at my kids’ school and seeing corporations actively seek diversity/recognizing the contributions & talents of black Americans. – Anonymous Employee

Celebrating the Black people in my life that bring me joy daily, while acknowledging the inherent privilege I have and doing what I can to level the playing field for my Black friends. – Anonymous Employee

Listening, learning, and taking action to empower black voices to help our communities and world become a better place. Taking time to learn about black history and understanding how far we’ve come and how far we have to go in our continuous fight for equality. – Anonymous Employee

A reminder to recognize and celebrate the rich culture Black Americans have woven into the tapestry of this country, and acknowledge that collectively we need to do more in support of each other. – David Copeland

Black History month reminds me that we live in a country that has historically oppressed, marginalized, victimized, and abused black people and their culture and one month is a thinly veiled attempt to distract.  End police oppression, end racial profiling, reparations now, and stop trying to white-wash our history as a nation simply because it isn’t pretty.  Truth hurts and we should learn from the past, come together, and do better in the future.  Words are easy, actions matters.  – Jeremy Bagwell

A time where you are reminded to step outside your bubble to see and celebrate the perspective, contributions, and culture of Black Americans. – Anonymous Employee

It means taking the time to understand and appreciate the accomplishments, influence, and cultural diversity that the Black community has contributed to our society. – Josh Martin

For me, BHM is about a reminder of the importance of listening, learning, and standing in solidarity with the black community. It is about working together to create a more inclusive and just society. – Anonymous Employee