Meet the Team: Danita Harris, SVP and General Manager of Data Management and Analytics

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Blog

In this installment of our “Meet the Team” blog series, we talk to Danita Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Data Management and Analytics (DM&A). We’ll get to learn about the her drive for connecting data management to other sectors of medtech and her hopes for the DM&A team at Veranex.

Tell us a little bit about your background.
I tell everyone that asks me what I do that I fell into data management shortly after graduating from college and, fortunately, it clicked. It quickly morphed from just a new job into a career because I worked for a growing company with amazing teams and supportive managers that mentored and pushed me to pursue new (and sometimes uncomfortable) opportunities.

I have over 22 years of experience in data management, operational oversight, and partnership building. During my time as a leader in a number of life science organizations, I’ve gained valuable insight into ensuring productive collaborations between data management and other function areas – so I am excited to jump into cross-functional work at Veranex.

What inspired you to join Veranex?
To date, the companies I’ve had the opportunity to work for were established at least 18 years prior to me joining. I’m joining Veranex at a time of enormous growth and definition – it’s rewarding, thrilling and challenging all at the same time!

What intrigues you the most about Data Management and Analytics? What about DM&A at Veranex in particular?
Unlike other service lines at Veranex, DM&A is made up of one legacy company. What’s similar to the rest of Veranex is that DM&A has an impressive group of talented professionals that range from newer to the industry to seasoned subject matter experts. I’m excited to work with the entire team to ensure we continue partnering with and delivering for our existing healthcare partners, while also introducing what DM&A can do for the MedTech clients we have yet to work with.

What’s the most interesting aspect about your position so far?
As I am just now coming up on one month at Veranex, it’s been mostly about getting to know the amazing people here and learning the inner workings of the company. Every single day I learn more than a few new things – what can be more intriguing than that!

Talk about a professional experience you’ve had in your career that stood out to you.
I truly enjoy forming long-term working relationships and partnerships. One of the most rewarding professional experiences I’ve had was helping to build a Functional Service Provider (FSP) from the ground up with a great group of colleagues and a client partner that was new to the FSP working model.

What is a fun or unique fact about yourself?
My daughter and I have the same birthday. I woke up on my 33rd birthday knowing that birthday celebrations would never be the same.

What vacation destination are you dreaming of and why?
I would like to visit the Maldives (exact island is still to be determined). The smell of salt air and the hum of the ocean tends to bring me peace even at the most stressful times of my life. Add in crystal clear blue water and beautiful white sand – there’s nothing better. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary next year – here’s to hoping we can make it happen around that time.