Meet the Team: Eric Matckie, SVP and GM of Commercial Strategy and Market Access

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Blog

In this installment of Meet the Team we’ll be getting to know Eric Matckie, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Strategy and Market Access (CSMA). Here, Eric dives deep into what drove him to pursue his passions in healthcare, as well as his views on the best way to approach building a strong CSMA team.

Tell us a little bit about your background.
I am a Life Sciences veteran approaching 30 years of service in the industry. I started my career working for pharma and biotech firms across various commercial functions, including sales, managed care, and analytics roles where I learned much about the business. Shortly thereafter, I transitioned to the service provider side and discovered my passion for healthcare. I became fascinated with the many challenges our clients faced and was eager to deliver actionable solutions. With hard work (and luck) I was presented with opportunities to lead some high-growth, fast-paced businesses, including heading the market access vertical for Decision Resources Group, becoming a co-founder and practice leader at Artisan Healthcare Consulting, and most recently serving as the President of the Value and Access business unit for Trinity Life Sciences. I spend some of my personal time advising startup businesses in medtech, biotech, and pharma. While native to Massachusetts, my family and I currently reside in Stowe, VT where we enjoy access to the great outdoors.

What inspired you to join Veranex?
Veranex has the vision to build a world-class organization that will deliver end-to-end services across life sciences. The business secured significant funding for this endeavor and established a portfolio of top operating companies to serve as its foundation. I believe we will have the unique opportunity to influence client success along their value chain and I wanted to be part of the journey.

What intrigues you the most about Commercial Strategy and Market Access? What about CSMA at Veranex in particular?
Historically, Commercial Strategy and Market Access were focused on delivering the right product, to the right patients, at the right price. We help ensure commercial success and maximize revenue for our clients. While the end goals may be similar, CSMA has evolved to become more sophisticated in its approach and outputs. Today, CSMA professionals participate earlier in the life cycle to enable clients to develop products better positioned to compete in their therapeutic category while also being sensitive to the financial constraints within the health system. Veranex has established a strong platform from which to grow its commercial business. The employees are experts in their fields and among the top thought leaders in the industry.

What’s the most interesting aspect about your position so far?
I have always been interested in people. Specifically, in the way they interact and in the beliefs they develop. Thus far, I am encouraged by what I have observed at Veranex. We have a leadership team that has the competence to deliver on its commitments to our investors while also recognizing that success is largely influenced by its talent. We also have tremendous talent in each of the operating companies which depends on leadership to align our efforts. I believe this symbiotic relationship will accelerate as we improve our communication and trust towards one another. I am fascinated by observing the peaks and troughs of these relationships and know success will come through continued commitment to one another. It appears we are all interested in helping to shape the new company and to participate in its success.

Talk about a professional experience you’ve had in your career that stood out to you.
During the second half of my career, I have had the privilege of working for private companies that were built for high growth. These companies had investors, both venture capital and private equity, that provided the resources to help drive success. They also had high expectations and made sure we were accountable as operators. I learned that successful leaders in these businesses are able to establish balance between the needs of the investors and the employees. This is a challenging task but recognizing each partner’s vested interests often helps in the decision-making process. I enjoy the challenge of managing the business through these periods.

What is a fun or unique fact about yourself?
I really like bikes. When participation in college sports left me with painful joints, I turned to cycling for physical activity. Since then, I have owned over 50 bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, fat bikes, and eBikes. I currently possess 6+bikes that I ride regularly and added a motorcycle to the stable this past year. We recently built a barn which will likely house a few more in the future.

What vacation destination are you dreaming of and why?
I do not dream of an actual vacation destination, but instead dream of adventure. I would love to have the opportunity for my family to take time away from its day-to-day commitments and take a few months to travel to experience various cultures and natural wonders. As part of our adventure, I would include hiking in Patagonia, skiing in Japan, biking in southeast Asia, and snorkeling in the Mediterranean. Of course, my family members may have other plans in mind.