August Image of the Month

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Images



What is the structure shown in this arterial angiogram in a sheep?


The rete mirabile!

Rete mirabile means ‘wonderful net’ in Latin, it is a small and dense network of blood vessels found at the base of the brain. This vascular network surrounds the pituitary gland and is commonly found in sheep and pigs but only on very rare occasions in humans. Innovators developing products for carotid vascular intervention need to be aware of such species-specific anatomic differences when considering animal models for their preclinical studies. This particular structure holds also great potential for innovators working on neurovascular interventions, particularly during the preclinical stage when guidewires need to be challenged.

In the Vascular arena, Veranex has accrued deep experience working with coronary, neurovascular, peripheral and carotid technologies at human scale in normal as well as in pathologic models.

This image was acquired using a Philips FD20 flat panel angiography system in one of Veranex’s three hybrid operating rooms that enable innovators to conduct sophisticated procedures combining surgical, interventional and imaging techniques.

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