January Image of the Month

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Images


What is the blood vessel stemming cranially from the renal artery of this sheep (black arrow)? And the one stemming caudally from the more distal renal artery (white arrow)?



These blood vessels are the adrenal artery (black arrow) and the ureteral artery (white arrow)!

About the adrenal artery: The description of the adrenal arteries in sheep goes back to the late 1950s. It identified several arteries supplying the adrenal glands from their caudal and cranial pole, which may also vary according to breed.

About the ureteral artery: The arterial supply of the ureter is complex and comes from the ureteral artery for its most cranial portion but also from the gonadal, the iliac and the superior vesical arteries (not shown on this angiogram).

Knowledge and preservation of nutrient blood vessels to critical structures is essential for safely completing vascular interventions, for example renal denervation procedures.

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