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by | Mar 29, 2024 | Image of the Month

You be the Pathologist!

What is abnormal in this native mitral valve leaflet?


A bone has formed in this native mitral valve leaflet!

The native leaflet is composed of fibrous and elastic connective tissue that is particularly active during the cardiac cycle. When chronically traumatized (here, from persistent rubbing of an implanted bioprosthetic device), the leaflet may react in various ways. This may include the formation of bone within connective tissue, also called osseous metaplasia, as shown (*). This pathological change would diminish the active role of the leaflet during the cardiac cycle by decreasing its mobility and elasticity, which could impair the function of the implanted bioprosthesis.

HE&S, original magnification: x1.25, scale bar: 2 mm.
*: Osseous metaplasia

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