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by | Mar 29, 2024 | Image of the Month

You Be the Safety Officer!

Why is this veterinary surgeon carefully positioning a sterile shield and wearing protective clothing like those glasses?


To reduce radiation exposure!

Time, distance, and shielding are the three best ways to reduce your risk of x-ray-related injury: 1) reduce your time of exposure, 2) keep your distance with the source, and 3) place shielding material between you and the source. When working in surgical suites and cath labs, optimized procedure protocols and proper use of simple tools like glasses, lead coverings and shields reduce radiation exposure of the eyes, thyroid, and body organs.

At Veranex, X-ray imaging is used routinely to guide medical device interventional procedures. Fluoroscopy and angiography are invaluable in enabling our veterinarians to navigate and place medical devices with high precision. To maintain the safety of our clients and staff in our procedure rooms, we conform strictly to radiation safety best practices and regulations. This includes using active dosimeters for continuous radiation monitoring, live readout, and alerts for our clients and staff.

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