The Power of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Medical Writing

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Blog

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical trials is evolving quickly. According to the research and consulting firm, Gartner, the life sciences industry is experiencing a “boom” in AI-powered drug development. AI technology is already being applied to early drug discovery and clinical trials, it can help recruit more patients, quicker, identify disease targets and molecule design, and analyze data collected from wearable devices. 

Generative AI models can produce text, images, and other content based on advanced algorithms and user-created prompts. They continuously learn from patterns in existing data and use that to create new content. Large language models (LLM) are a specific type of generative AI that uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand nuanced language and create coherent, human-like text. LLMs have the potential to significantly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical writing and publishing.     

Gartner list content creation and development as one of the four core capabilities of generative AI in the life sciences. Clinical protocols, informed consent documents, regulatory publications, content, abstracts, and manuscripts, medical writing requires expert knowledge of regulatory requirements, scientific and medical expertise, rigorous quality and peer-review standards, and clear, concise writing. When generative AI and LLM are paired with human expertise, high-quality content becomes the standard. 

That’s why Veranex is excited to announce the launch of our new, innovative medical writing feature. Powered by advanced generative AI technology and LLMs like Mixtral, and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word, this cutting-edge tool is designed to enhance the efficiency of medical writing teams significantly. The add-on automates routine tasks such as creating abbreviation lists and features a sophisticated question-and-answer system for quick retrieval of information from clinical study protocols. The feature streamlines the medical documentation process, allowing writers to save time and focus on the content that matters most.

Veranex’s in-house experts deliver documents that are 100% compliant with FDA, EMA, and other regulatory bodies. From clinical protocol support to conference posters, you can expect the highest caliber of medical documentation and regulatory publishing services. Our new AI add-on promises even more impressive results, helping to get medical devices to market faster.