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Health Economics, Outcomes Research,
& Value Communication

In today’s healthcare landscape, the assessment of innovation goes beyond clinical outcomes. Payers, clinicians, regulators, and investors now demand proof of both clinical and economic value. We specialize in developing robust health economic analysis and value communication tools that are essential for success in this environment.

Our dedicated team of experts understands the importance of proving clinical and economic value to payers and providers. We collaborate closely with our clients, proactively anticipating market needs and utilizing study results to develop a comprehensive and integrated research value communication approach. By doing so, we ensure our clients can effectively demonstrate the value of their innovations to key stakeholders.


  • Literature review and burden of illness analysis
  • Health economic modeling
  • Value message prioritization and value dossier development
  • Publication support
  • Payer advisory boards and consensus panels
  • Time and motion studies
  • Claims data analysis